Rep & Development

Rep Tornado

Coffs Harbour Volleyball Association knows that passion and commitment need outlets! To accommodate the Volley enthusiasm, we have our Rep teams who do weekly training and hit the road to adventure off for tournaments, both in NSW and interstate! We share the CHVA culture of enthusiasm, friendship and fun at all tourneys attended and forge bonds with other associations.

Our Representative players train for Indoor Volleyball every Sunday from 6-8 pm, additional to their Thursday night games and training (that’s commonly over 150 hours of development a year; talk about commitment!). Beach Volleyball Training adds an additional element to the fitness and skill sets of our players and allows them to compete in Beach Volleyball Tourneys too! Talk about multitalented!

Representative players need to maintain a commitment of attending >70% of training sessions and have additional fee’s associated. We play in Men’s, Women’s and mixed tourneys.

To find out more about Rep, speak to any rep player, committee member or flick us an email at