Dragon’s Flaming Chalice 2017

Coffs Harbour Volleyball Association (CHVA) was represented by 3 teams in the annual Flaming Chalice Volleyball competition in Brisbane. The event had 86 teams competing; including Volleyball Queensland Representative Teams and all the major clubs from QLD.

Playing Women’s Div 2, CHVA came away in 5th position; narrowly missing out on playoff’s for 3rd by 1 point in a count back. The ladies squad mustered their enthusiasm and energy to have amazing rallies; picking up back court, setting clean, aiming true, hitting hard and blocking high.
The ladies squad, which has shown amazing improvement over the last year, was bolstered with the experience of Annette and Pauline, providing amazing setting skills and direction. CHVA Ladies team CC’s was made up of Annette Mainey, Monique Dickens, Pauline Buhler, Crystal Holmes, Ashley Passlow, Sami Loader, Amy Kay, Georgia Martin, and Yoko Nishi. Monique Dickens was scored the most points towards MVP for the team.

CHVA Women's Team

Men’s Division 2 had 18 teams, with the Coffs’ Teams taking out 3rd and 6th.
CHVA Big Bananas came away with 3rd place in Div 2. The team had great wins with strong blocking, great back court, aggressive serving and great leadership from the setters and team captain, Simon Alexander. Representing on the Big Bananas was Simon Alexander, Tony Loader, Oz Ikiz, Davi Sandhu, Luke Dickens, Lukas Holland, Craig Ellem and Dean Watkins. Tony Loader scored the most points towards MVP for the team.

Big Bananas Team

Big Bananas sensible

Dj Spiking

CHVA Mutton Birds came away with 6th in Men’s Div 2 after a heated battle against the Big Bananas to make it into playoffs . The team posted good results with strong middle play by Robb Kitchner and Marty Buhler, setting style from Jono Ticli and Adam Kay and great digs, hits and side outs from all the team, including Joseph Pronesti, Paul Shaw and Daryl Ning. Adam Kay and Joseph Pronesti shared the honours for most points towards MVP for the team.

Mutton Birds

Volleyball trips are a great way for teams to bond and CHVA make the most of every opportunity to have some Volleyball fun!

BBQ Night