To get involved with Beach Volleyball, CHVA has 3 avenues – seasonal tournaments, monthly beach league and our Social Sundays; held at the Jetty Beach Volleyball courts from 9am of a Sunday.

Tournaments are usually $50 per team for 2-a-side tourneys. Beach League $10 per player per session and the Social Sundays are free for registered players.

If you would like to play beach volleyball, we can help find partners for individual players in tournaments, our Beach League has players ranked individually and you get partnered up on the day and our Social Sundays are a free-for-all so you don’t need a partner either!

New teams and players are most welcome to enter, with our social Sundays absolutely FREE for registered members. (That’s nearly 200 possible hours of Beach Volleyball for your rego of $75! Score! Not to mention that covers you for indoor and any comps you may choose to compete in!)

To find out more about volleyball please browse our site, you will find heaps of interesting stuff.

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Beach League 4th Saturday of each month - 8:30am Jetty Beach Volleyball Courts
Social Sundays Sundays from 9am